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Respect Your Roots Superstar Collection from Adidas Skateboarding

Adidas Skateboarding are set to release a collection of the iconic Adidas Superstar that pay tribute to he skateboarders that made these standard trainers in to one of the most popular shoes to skate in during the mid to late 1990's..................... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 24/03/2015
Adidas Super Star Respect Your Roots Collection

Fabric Skateboards Spring 2015

Fabric Skateboards have just released and new line of graphics for spring 15. This drop of skateboard decks features a series by the illustrator Jamie Jones called the Travel Series. The decks show colourfully drawn cityscapes of Moscow, Rio, Rome and Cairo. Other decks in the new line are the classic Fabric.................... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 21/03/2015
Fabric Spring 15

Emerica The Figueroa Skate Shoes

Emerica have released The Figueroa which is Figgy's first Emerica pro shoe.

The Figueroa Skate Shoes hold true to Figgy's personal vision and he was involved in each step of the design process. They are a classic low-profile pair of skate shoes that .................... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 16/01/2015
Emerica The Figueroa Skate Shoes

Adidas Skateboarding Silas ADV Skate Shoes

Adidas Skateboarding have just dropped their new Silas ADV Skate Shoes along with a tongue-in-cheek advert to go with it. See how Silas Baxter-Neal is really the brains behind his pro skate shoes in this "a day in the life" with Silas video. Take a peak in to .................... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 14/01/2015
Adidas Skateboarding Silas ADV Skate Shoes

HUF - Stoops Asia Tour - Video & CLothing

HUF Worldwide and Thrasher Magazine presents the Stoops Asia tour. Get comfy and check out this extremely well put together edit featuring Brad Cromer, Keith Hufnagel, Josh Mathews, Joey Pepper, Dan Plunkett, Peter Ramondetta, Kevin Terpenins and Sammy Winter with guest apperances from Haroshi and.................... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 17/11/2014
HUF X Thrasher Stoops Asia Tour

Thrasher X Emerica - Romero and Reynolds Skate Shoes

Trasher Magazine have released two limited collaboration shoes with Emerica that are available world wide from the 3rd of November. The Romero is based on the ever populat Emerica Wino skate shoes with a slim and low profile. They feature Thrashers signature Tiger Tie-Dye around the heel with Thrasher X Emerica................... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 03/11/2014
Thrasher X Emerica Skate Shoes

Palace Skateboards 2014 Autumn/Winter Collection

Palace Skateboards have just dropped their latest set of hardware for Autumn/Winter 2014. In the line up there are the regular team staples as well at the pro decks and wheels from Chewy Cannon, Lucien Clarke, Benny Fairfax, Danny ................... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 28/10/2014
Palace Skateboards WInter 2014

Star Wars X Santa Cruz Skateboards Drop Three

The third drop of the Star Wars and Santa Cruz Skateboards collaboration decks are in the shops now.

This drop consists of three of the collectors edition blister packs, Obi Wan, Yoda and the Emperor. Same as last time the decks are all have laser etched numbers and matching certificate of authenticity. Drop three's super limited wooden inlay deck features................... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 22/10/2014
Star Wars X Santa Cruz Drop 3

Witchcraft Hardware Halloween Collection

Witchcraft Hardware are releasing a limited run of their classic Satan T-Shirt and matching beanies for Halloween. Available in orange and black with contrasting prints the Halloween collection can only be found in a small number of core skate shops.................. CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 21/10/2014
Witchcraft Halloween Pack

Sweet SKTBS - Spaced Out Skateboard Decks

Sweet SKTBS is a skateboard and street-wear brand that started out in 1999 in Sweden. Sweet began life as a hobby project with an idea to make some decks and have some fun shredding them. Since then the company has grown and now provides a full range of clothing as well as wheels, trucks, cruisers and griptape................. CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 08/10/2014


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