Skateboard Decks

Fabric Skateboards Spring 2015

Fabric Skateboards have just released and new line of graphics for spring 15. This drop of skateboard decks features a series by the illustrator Jamie Jones called the Travel Series. The decks show colourfully drawn cityscapes of Moscow, Rio, Rome and Cairo. Other decks in the new line are the classic Fabric.................... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 21/03/2015
Fabric Spring 15

Palace Skateboards 2014 Autumn/Winter Collection

Palace Skateboards have just dropped their latest set of hardware for Autumn/Winter 2014. In the line up there are the regular team staples as well at the pro decks and wheels from Chewy Cannon, Lucien Clarke, Benny Fairfax, Danny ................... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 28/10/2014
Palace Skateboards WInter 2014

Star Wars X Santa Cruz Skateboards Drop Three

The third drop of the Star Wars and Santa Cruz Skateboards collaboration decks are in the shops now.

This drop consists of three of the collectors edition blister packs, Obi Wan, Yoda and the Emperor. Same as last time the decks are all have laser etched numbers and matching certificate of authenticity. Drop three's super limited wooden inlay deck features................... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 22/10/2014
Star Wars X Santa Cruz Drop 3

Sweet SKTBS - Spaced Out Skateboard Decks

Sweet SKTBS is a skateboard and street-wear brand that started out in 1999 in Sweden. Sweet began life as a hobby project with an idea to make some decks and have some fun shredding them. Since then the company has grown and now provides a full range of clothing as well as wheels, trucks, cruisers and griptape................. CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 08/10/2014

Creature Skateboards Divine Rights Series By French - Carl 'Potter' Wilson Edit

Creature Skateboards have just released their 'Divine Rights' series which is a collaboration with legendary skateboard graphics designer and artist French. There are two boards in the series the Divine Rights I 8.5" with its Punk Point Shape and the Divine Rights................ CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 30/06/2014
Creature Divine Rights

Adidas Skateboarding Skate Copa Series

Adidas Skateboarding have released six decks for the 2014 Brazilian World Cup. Each deck is made by each Adidas team members individual deck sponsor. For France there is Lucas Puig and Cliché, for the USA there is Mark Gonzales and Krooked Skateboards, for Spain there is Raul Navarro and Western Edition, for Germany there is Lem Villemin and Cliché, for England there is Benny.............. CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 13/06/2014
Adidas Skate Copa

Element Skateboards Push Collection

Push is an LA artist best known for his 15ft high piece at The Berrics. A graffiti artist for over 21 years and a skater since the 3rd grade, he is a member of the graffiti crew MSK/AWR as well as a sworn-in brother of The Seventh Letter collective, you may know.............. CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 03/06/2014
Element Push Series

Girl Skateboards Select Shop Series By Andrew Pommier

This exclusive collection of Girl decks will be available only from only a handful of selected UK core skateboard shops from Thursday the 27th of March. Each deck features its own art work by artist Andrew Pommier.

This series features pro decks from: Cory Kennedy (8x31.5), Mike Carrol (8.125x31.63), Eric.......... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 25/03/2014
Girl Shop Select Decks

Santa Cruz X Star Wars Collaboration Skateboards

Lucas Film has teamed up with Santa Cruz Skateboards to make a range of limited edition skateboards.

The range will feature decks, complete skateboards and cruisers. One of the stand out pieces in the collection is a Darth Vader Wood Inlay cruiser deck. The Darth Vader graphic on on........... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 14/02/2014
Santa Cruz X Star Wars

Diamond Supply Co. X Cliche Skateboards

Cliche Skateboards have collaborated with hardware brand Diamond Supply Co. to bring you of this series of pro skateboard decks.

Signature decks from Lucas Puig, Andrew Brophy, Flo Mirtain, JB Gillet, Daniel Espinoza and Joey Brezinski. all feature a Diamond logo veneer insert, top laser art, printed Diamond X........... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 20/01/2014
Diamond X Cliche

Fabric Skateboards Winter 13/14 Drop

Fabric Skateboards have just released 5th drop of decks since launching back in the spring of 2011 and graphically the UK skateboard brand keeps going from strength to strength. Their winter 13/14 drop features 12 brand new graphics from designers Mr Guy and Fabric co founder Dean (Bod) Brodrick.......... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 31/12/2013
Fabric Skateboards Winter 13

SMA Natas Panther Reissue Deck

Legendary Skateboard Company SMA (Santa Monica Airlines) after a long time on hiatus have begun reissuing classic skateboard decks from back in the day. Each deck is super limited and are one off runs, so super collectable and bound to go for a few quid on ebay one day.

November 13 see's the reissue of the Natas Kaupas Panther Deck, one of the classic decks of the late 80's, the Panther this time around is screened on a purple background. The deck is..... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 21/10/2013
SMA Natas Panther
Fabric Skateboards
Ride Bansko Apartments