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Half Dead Skateboards

Half Dead Skateboards was launched back in 2013 by its owner and founder the british skateboarder Lee Bryan. The brand is dedicated to meet the needs of the expanding mature skateboarder market which has seen a surge in recent years with more an more companies going back to making more.................... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 28/01/2015
Half Dead Skateboards

Primitive Skateboarding

After leaving Plan B Skateboards, Paul "P-Rod" Rodriguez has been with out a board sponsor for nearly 10 months. He announced earlier this month that he it starting he own board company called Primitive Skateboards. P-Rod will be the main pro rider for Primitive as well as being joined by Nick Tucker and Brazilian skater Carlos Ribeiro............ CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 29/04/2014
Primitive Skateboards

Tired Skateboards

One of the most respected and eclectic artists of recent times has launched a new skateboard company. Dutch artist Parra, best known for his curvy post-pop imagery is the man behind Tired Skateboards. The brand is part of the new wave that is brining back the shaped deck and Tired's first offering come in three different shapes with instantly recognisable graphics. Also available are some wheels, tee's........... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 09/04/2014
Tired Skateboards

Type-S Urethane Skateboard Wheels

Type-S Urethane Wheels are designed and created by Lincoln Ueda and Sergie Ventura. Their goal was to make a skateboard wheel that didn't just rely on graphics and function. They took decades of their own skateboarding experience and years of research to develop what they feel is a functional, yet proper skateboard wheel. In doing so, they wanted to give back to the skateboarding.......... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 07/04/2014
Type-S Urethane

Welcome Skateboards

Welcome Skateboards is a US skate company that do things their own way. Unconventional shapes and unique mystical graphics is what they are all about. They don't take things too seriously and still see the subjective and creative side of skateboarding in a world where is starting to be come an objective and trend driven world.

Welcome don't care what has already........... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 17/03/2014
Welcome Skateboards

Story Clothing

Story Clothing first started out at a skater owned skateboard shop in Sheffield in the north of England. The shop was a place where skaters could hang out, watch the latest videos and get their hands on quality skateboard products.

Sadly Story had to close its doors a few years back but the brand still lives on and Story Clothing is available in stores throughout the UK.

The Story team is made up........... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 17/02/2014
Story Clothing

The Back Forty

The Back Forty a new clothing company from the creative mind of skateboarders Marc Johnson, Chris Roberts and Kenny Anderson.

Between traveling, filming and life the trio have been putting this idea for a while and they now have a solid idea of where they are going and what they are going to accomplish with this new brand. Marc, Kenny and Chris have and are behind some of the most creative brands in skateboarding and have created a vision of what skateboarding............ CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 07/02/2014
The Back Forty

Cliché Skateboards

In the summer of 1997, Jeremie Daclin launched Cliché Skateboards with little more then a Franc and a dream in Lyon, France.

Today Cliché is now a Global brand and a Global Skate Team consisting of riders: Lucas Puig, JB Gillet, Jeremie Daclin, Charles Collet, Flo Mirtain from France, Andrew Brophy, Sammy Winter from Australia, Ricardo Fonseca from........ CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 19/11/2013
Cliche Skateboards


In 2003 Rodney and Daewon got together for coffee and started talking about the idea of doing something together that will be fun and different. After months and many bad names later, in early July something hit us like a mac truck, a name that we would all agree with, make us happy and that looks good on the walls of the retailers still in business. That name is "Almost a skateboard company".... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 04/11/2013
Almost Skateboards

Blind Skateboards

Blind Skateboards started in 1990 as a hardcore rider-based brand, Blind was the antithesis of Vision, the most popular mainstream brand at the time. With the introduction of graphic characters to Blind in the late 90's, it has evolved into an effective balance between...... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 25/10/2013
Blind Skateboards

Blood Wizard Skateboards

Blood Wizard Skateboards are based out of San Francisco, California and are more on the hesh side of the skateboard market. With a sick looking fanged wizard with an even sicker backstory creating their brand image

The Blood Wizard team is made up of: Jerry Van Gurney, Jackson Jeffery Given, Tristan Michael Moss, Rob Allen Mason, Wesley Louis Cooper III, Christopher...... CONTINUE READING >>

DATE: 23/10/2013
Blood Wizard Skateboards
Fabric Skateboards
Ride Bansko Apartments