SMA Natas Panther Reissue Skateboard Deck

SMA Natas Panther Reissue Deck

Legendary Skateboard Company SMA (Santa Monica Airlines) after a long time on hiatus have begun reissuing classic skateboard decks from back in the day. Each deck is super limited and are one off runs, so super collectable and bound to go for a few quid on ebay one day.

November 13 see's the reissue of the Natas Kaupas Panther Deck, one of the classic decks of the late 80's, the Panther this time around is screened on a purple background. The deck is 10.5" wide by 30.125" long and rumours are there are only 30 decks arriving into the UK.

Aswell as reissuing the deck, SMA have brought out the Natas T-Shirt (3 colours) and a Natas Zip Hooded Top (2 colours). These should all be available at your local skate shop. I'd probably hassle them sooner than later if you're after a deck though as like we said they're super limited so they aren't going to hang around long.

Known UK stockists so far are Native Skate Store and we believe a guide price for the deck is £94.99

SMA Natas Skateboard Deck
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