Fabric Skateboards Winter 13/14 Drop

Fabric Skateboards Manny Lopez

Fabric Skateboards have just released 5th drop of decks since launching back in the spring of 2011 and graphically the UK skateboard brand keeps going from strength to strength. Their winter 13/14 drop features 12 brand new graphics from designers Mr Guy and Fabric co founder Dean (Bod) Brodrick.

The new decks can be found in stores across the UK including: Ideal, Focus, Note, Native Skate Store, Beats Workin, Slugger, Forty Two, Loko and Decimal. For a full list of Fabric stockists visit www.fabricskateboards.co.uk

From left to right, top to bottom: (1) Snakeskin 8.25" (2) Tie-Dye 7.9" (3) Mark Bains Scholar (Pro Deck) 8.25" (4) Bic 8.25" (5) Canvas Gold 8.4" (6) Cocktail Lounge 8" (7) Girders 8" (8) Marlow White 8.125" (9) Split Ply 8" (10) World Cup 8.125" (11) Zebraskin 7.75" (12) Zoltar 8.5"

Fabric Skateboards Winter 13
Fabric Skateboards
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