Blood Wizard Skateboards

Blood Wizard Skateboards

Blood Wizard Skateboards are based out of San Francisco, California and are more on the hesh side of the skateboard market. With a sick looking fanged wizard with an even sicker backstory creating their brand image.

The Blood Wizard team is made up of: Jerry Van Gurney, Jackson Jeffery Given, Tristan Michael Moss, Rob Allen Mason, Wesley Louis Cooper III, Christopher Ray Senn, Anakin Skywalker Senn, Ben Krahn, Nich Kunz, Andrew Charles Dezort, Antonius Stavous Dintcho, Mike Manzoori, Chris Gregson.

Now available in the UK via Stable Distribution Blood Wizard Are available from the following skate shops:

Division 24, Forty Two, Ideal, Native Skate Store, Popcorn, Rollersnakes, Route One, TNT Skate, Focus.

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