About Skateboard Guide

Skateboard Guide is part directory part blog and is aimed at helping to give the little guys in the skateboard industry a leg up in the online world of skateboarding. Skateboarding Guide is split in to four separate sections; Product, Skate Shops, Brands and Videos.

The Product section of Skateboard Guide is to inform our visitors about any new product, product ranges or product collections that are already available or are coming out at some point in the future. The Products section is divided in to Skateboard Decks, Skateboard Trucks, Skateboard Wheels, Skateboard Hardware, Complete Skateboards, Old School Skateboards, Longboards, Cruiser Skateboards, Skate Clothing and Skate Shoes. If you have a new product in your store or that is coming out drop us a line and we can feature it in this section of our website and point a like for it back to your website. Like wise if you would like to tell us about your latest collections of skate shoes, decks or clothing that have coming in for the up coming seasons.

The Skate Shops section of Skateboard Guide is for skateboard shops to have a profile just for themselves and to help boost their online presence. If you are a Skate Shop then get in touch and we'll give you a feature.

The Brands section of Skateboard Guide is pretty much the same as the Skate Shops section but it is aimed at skateboard brands. If you are a skateboard brand and you would like to be features then drop us a line.

The Video's section of Skateboard Guide does exactly what is says on the tin. If you are a filmer, shop or brand then send us your video's and we'll stick them up.